WUMC and COVID-19 Update, October 26, 2020

Hello Watsontown Family,

I am thankful to be writing this update today.  We will resume in house worshiping together effective November 1, 2020 at 9:30.  Guidelines remain about how this will happen.  We are to continue adhering to the guidelines that we have been given us.  We are asked to maintain six-foot social distancing and to continue wearing masks when around one another.  We will have masks available if you forget yours and would like one.

In order to help ensure that our Family of Families will be a place that we do no harm, we are going to limit access to parts of our building on Sunday mornings.  First, we will open the main doors at 9:15, the preschool doors will remain locked.  We are asking that once you are in the Family Life Center exit through the doors in the back, the same ones you came in.  Access to the lobby restrooms will be limited to one adult or a child with their family member.  The doors to the office hallway will remain closed Sunday mornings.

Families, please stay with your children while you are in the building.  For the Children’s Word, our children will remain with their families.  We will not be having children’s church.  You are encouraged to bring a busy back for your child.  The ones on the side of the Family Life Center have been removed and the busy bins in the back will not be available.

During our time worshiping together we are asked to not sing.  This will be difficult.  To help, let me suggest that we hum or sing softly to ourselves.  Please bring your own Bible with you as we have removed the Bibles and hymnals from the seats.  When you come in, the offering plate will be in the back for you to drop your gifts and offerings.  We will not have a paper bulletin.

When our time of worshiping together is over, please do not linger.  Lovingly head out to your cars.  If you desire to spend time talking with someone, please do this outside in the fresh air, maintaining social distancing.

Please know that if you are not comfortable with larger gatherings or wearing a mask for a prolong period of time, our online worshiping together will be continuing.  I hope that each of us are finding beautiful new ways of worshiping together for the glory of our Lord.

As those who claim Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, we have a fantastic opportunity to live out the Love, Mercy and Grace God has given each of us.  This will best be seen in how we love each other as we come together.  I suspect that we do not all have the same ideas as how this is to look.  I know that we can all love and respect each other in how we interact and worship together.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Your Brother and Friend in Christ,

Brian Doyle
Pastor, Watsontown UMC