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Sermon Cast – Holy Math Problems, Batman!

Title: Holy Math Problems, Batman
Preacher: Rev. Ryan T. Krauss

Scripture: Matthew 28:16-20
Description: The Trinity is perhaps one of the most confusing and complicated pieces of Christian theology. According to N.T. Wrigth, however, the Trinity is also a–if not the–definitive mark of Christian theology. Because we swapped last week (Trinity Sunday on the church calendar) with a special blessing of the animals service, this week we reflect on the great mystery of God as 3-in-1.

A Christian symbol for the Trinity

Trinitarian theology can get kind of heavy, so I would like to suggest two key points to how believing in Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is meaningful on a daily basis. 1) Believing in the Trinity means that I can live my faith journey by letting God be God. I don’t have to…nor should I suspect I ever will!…know everything about how God operates. I can take the lesson to trust God, even in the things I do not understand. 2) The Trinity is a way to understand just how God can have personal relationship with us. God is not just a distant creator: God is also human like us (Jesus Christ) and lives in our hearts (Holy Spirit).



Sermon Cast – Ordination, not Inebriation (6/8/2014)

Title: Ordination, not Inebriation
Preacher: Pastor Ryan T. Krauss

Scripture: Acts 2:1-21
Description: Pentecost is a curious holiday (Holy Day) in the Christian calendar. On this day, we commemorate the arrival of the Holy Spirit to powerfully fill and bless the disciples after Jesus’ ascension (Acts 2:1-21). Easter and Christmas holidays we know are important; on them we celebrate moments in Christ’s life that have lasting implications for our spiritual journeys.

Pentecost, too, can have a powerful influence over our spiritual journeys. Pentecost is not just an isolated miracle for a group of men and women. Pentecost demonstrates the power of the Holy Spirit to equip believers with the power of the gospel now, and to answer the needs of this very moment.


Sermon Cast – Just Leavin on that Jet Plane

Title: Just Leavin on that Jet Plane
Preacher: Pastor Ryan Krauss

Scripture: Luke 24:44-53
Description: On this last Sunday of the Easter Calendar (as far as the church calendar is concerned), we turn to the Gospel of Luke for an account of Jesus’ ascension into heaven. The Ascension (from Latin meaning “to go up”) is an article of belief found in the Apostles’ Creed. For believers, however, Jesus’ return to heaven could feel like a point of abandonment. Jesus came back to life and is leaving again?!

Jesus’ followers react differently. They are overjoyed at Jesus leaving (24:52-53). For them, and for us, the ascension is a moment of empowerment; in it we are empowered to become God’s children. Of course, this empowerment comes through the Holy Spirit and becomes a reality through Jesus claiming authority as God’s messiah, sitting at God’s right hand.