Sermon Cast – “You Saw What?” (5/4/2014)

Title: You Saw What?
Preacher: Pastor Ryan Krauss

Scripture: Acts 2:22-32
Description: One of my very first serving jobs was at a ‘white-linen’ bed and breakfast. Besides the nerve-wracking performance pressure, a major difficulty in the job was simply not being informed in how to serve at such a high scale establishment. The quality and usefulness of Christian witness is equally hampered when followers and believers in Jesus Christ merely assume that the world is already informed concerning our worldview. Since 1963, U.S. census data indicates that the number of self-identifying Christians in our communities has dropped by about 20%. One thing this statistic tells me is that it is becoming increasingly harder to trust that someone outside of a community of faith knows what the church is talking about when we open our mouths. We need to take a hint from Peter in Acts 2; we need to remember that if we do not witness two the miraculous things Jesus has accomplished, no one will know…