Sermon Cast – Who Stole Baby Jesus?

Date: January 18, 2015
Preacher: Rev. Ryan Krauss

Scripture: Luke 2:22-40
Description: There must be a near universal desire in humans to hold babies. Or to want to hold babies. My sister recently gave birth to an adorable set of twins; at a large family gathering in October (my wedding), it was absolutely impossible for me to get a finger on this adorable children because EVERYONE ELSE wanted to hold them. It goes without saying that snatching a baby away with asking is simply “bad form.”

Baby-snatching is the name of the game in the little-known Scripture from Luke 2:22-40. Jesus’ parents have taken the infant to the temple to perform several necessary rituals, when all of the sudden they are bombarded by strangers Simeon and Anna; the former snatches the little boy up in the middle of a prophetic frenzy while Anna goes on an evangelistic spree not unlike the shepherds in the Christmas Story. All this while Mary and Joseph where just trying to get their child blessed!

The devout, if strange, actions of Simeon and Anna teach us an important truth about leading a life of joy and celebration. We must continue to trust in God’s promised hope of a new and brighter tomorrow. No matter how bad today gets, no matter how overwhelming the circumstance, God will continue to sustain us and provide new vigor and possibilities in the morning (Psalm 3:5).