Sermon Cast – Who Are Ewe Calling a Sheep?

Title: Who Are Ewe Calling a Sheep?
Preacher: Pastor Ryan Krauss

Scripture: John 10:1-10
Description: The chapter of John 10 reveals Jesus once again in discussion with some religious leaders. He uses a ‘figure of speech’ (10.6) concerning the accommodations of sheep, their propensity toward flocking to a shepherd, and the comparison between the true shepherd and a thief.

As soon as Jesus’ metaphor ends, the reader likely expects him to draw the connection between Christ and the shepherd. While Jesus does make such a reference, he does not do so until verse 11. The metaphor Jesus explains first is one of being the gate for the sheep (10.7-10). By using this more awkward contrast, Jesus declares his mission to provide both safety and nourishment (spiritually speaking) toward his flock (the Church). This, then, is the promise of Jesus to us: if we listen for Christ’s voice, we can know for certain that he is our protection and our life-giving Savior.