Sermon Cast – Unbound (Palm Sunday)

Message Title: Unbound
Preacher: Pastor Ryan Krauss

Raising of Lazarus
2005 (c) Davezelenka

Scripture: John 11:17-44
Description: As Christians around the world celebrate Palm Sunday–the commemoration of Jesus entering Jerusalem on a donkey to the shouts of ‘Hosanna’ and the laying of palm branches (cf. John 12:12-15, Matthew 21:4-9)–at Watsontown UMC

we are going to look at a ‘different’ text. That text is the miracle of raising Lazarus found in the scripture passage above. The raising of Lazarus is itself a prefigure of Christ’s own death in resurrection, put in the context the future resurrection of believers. If the miracle of Easter is the empty tomb (John 20:2), then the hope of Easter is the power of Christ working in us and through us in the exact same way (1 Corinthians 15:12-15). More than that, it is Jesus’ very goal in defeating death on the cross that we ourselves should become “unbound,” released from the death clothes that surround us, and walk out in new life.