Sermon Cast – ‘Pouting Thomas’ (4/27/2014)

Sermon Title: ‘Pouting Thomas’
Preacher: Pastor Ryan Krauss

Scripture: John 20:19-31
Description: Thomas (whom Scripture identifies as a twin) gets a bad rap as a disciple. He is culturally known as the ‘doubting’ apostle, and many a sermon I’ve listen to about Thomas enjoins that we ought to have a faith stronger than his. Of course, this reaction comes from the tendency to see doubt as a dangerous virtue (if it even is one), the archenemy of faith. This sermon suggests that not only is Thomas in good company in his doubt at Jesus’ resurrection (for all of the disciples are guilty of this doubt with the possible exception of Mary Magdalene). On the contrary, doubt is actually a healthy step in any spiritual journey, tending to lead toward greater heights of faith.

The Incredulity of St. Thomas Hendrick ter Brugghen