Sermon Cast – Just Leavin on that Jet Plane

Title: Just Leavin on that Jet Plane
Preacher: Pastor Ryan Krauss

Scripture: Luke 24:44-53
Description: On this last Sunday of the Easter Calendar (as far as the church calendar is concerned), we turn to the Gospel of Luke for an account of Jesus’ ascension into heaven. The Ascension (from Latin meaning “to go up”) is an article of belief found in the Apostles’ Creed. For believers, however, Jesus’ return to heaven could feel like a point of abandonment. Jesus came back to life and is leaving again?!

Jesus’ followers react differently. They are overjoyed at Jesus leaving (24:52-53). For them, and for us, the ascension is a moment of empowerment; in it we are empowered to become God’s children. Of course, this empowerment comes through the Holy Spirit and becomes a reality through Jesus claiming authority as God’s messiah, sitting at God’s right hand.