Sermon Cast – Jewish Queens and Lion Kings

Date: 8-3-2014
Preacher: Rev. Ryan T. Krauss

Scripture: Esther 4:1-14
Description: This week marks the first day of the August-long sermons series called REEL TRUTH – Bible at the Movies. In this sermon series, we are hosting 5 family movie nights at our church and then using film clips to further discuss scripture on Sunday Morning. The film for this week was Disney’s The Lion King.

Simba’s journey throughout the film is one of identity and purpose. Is he the true king? Is he responsible for his father’s death? Can he ever return to Pride Rock? How can he set things right? And though we are neither lions nor kings, we also feel the pull to discover identity and purpose. How fortunate and how humbling that our purpose would be to strive to become God’s children, created for good works (Ephesians 2:10)?

Simba’s journey reminds me of the journey of the biblical figure Esther, whose story could be a Disney movie in its own right. Take some time to read her tale, and remember that God has made us who we are…one purpose! Wherever life finds you today, perhaps God has placed you there for such a time as this (Esther 4:14).