Sermon Cast – iSurrender: How Original Is It?

Sermon Title – iSurrender: How Original Is It?
Preacher: Pastor Ryan T. Krauss

Scripture: Genesis 3:1-7
Description: Lent, working up toward Easter, is an excellent opportunity to revisit fundamental aspects, fundamental beliefs, of the Christian faith. Sin, though never really a pleasant topic, is an essential component of God’s drama of salvation. Sin and brokenness are the state in which we find the world, sin is the sickness that hinders all of our relationships with God, and Sin is ultimately one of the powers that Jesus Christ utterly defeats by death on the cross.

For this message, we open the book of Genesis and read of humankind’s first great disobedience toward God: eating the fruit of the tree (of the knowledge of good and evil). Though the words “Sin” or “Fall” are nowhere attributed to this text, narrative speaks of obedience and disobedience, action and cosmic consequence. At the heart of this “original sin” is an inborn, human, broken desire to usurp God’s rights and responsibilities as our own. That is, Adam and Eve’s big mistake (for the text does indeed remind us that BOTH man and woman were present and accounted for during the serpent’s tricky speech) is presuming to take on themselves the right to determine what is good and what is evil. Rather than trust God as the source and dispenser of of their moral makeup, Adam and Eve decide they are better suited to choose what is right and wrong. The consequence of which is ignoring the only stipulation they had ever received from God.

As we consider what it means for us to surrender our hearts to Jesus Christ, we must also come to terms with those areas of our lives for which we still want to be in charge and in control. Surrender is returning that ultimate control to the One who has made and plans to remake “all things good.”

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