Sermon Cast – iSurrender: Do Something With That White Flag

Title: iSurrender: Do Something With That White Flag
Preacher: Pastor Ryan Krauss

Scripture: Romans 6:15-23
Description: Surrender can be a sketchy word. From a cultural standpoint, surrender is a curse compared to our premium on individual freedom or the sports mantras that we teach to our children: “Never give up; never surrender.” The word brings connotations of weakness, lying own in the face of opposition or competition. Surrender is the penultimate “giving everything up.”

According to Paul in Romans 6, God asks for our surrender once we have been justified by grace and forgiven of our sins. But what is the quality of this surrender? Do we just become another “conquest” of God’s? Do we relinquish all rights and responsibilities? As Jesus says in the gospels, is the denial of ourselves so total that we no longer matter (cf. Matthew 16:24)?

I like to think of biblical surrender through the eyes of the film Men in Black. Surrender means “giving up” being an agent of sin and self-absorption while also taking on the new responsibility of being an “agent” of God’s righteous work in the world. We surrender one thing (ungodliness) in favor of gaining another (holiness).

iSurrender 3

P.S. Here are links to the two Men in Black video clips referred to in the sermon.

James being given the choice to join MiB.
James receiving “the last suit” he’ll ever wear.