Sermon Cast – From ?? to !!

Title: From ?? to !!
Preacher: Pastor Ryan Krauss

Scripture: Acts 17:22-31
Description: Acts 17:22-31 is the Apostle Paul’s most complete sermon recorded in the book of Acts. In this passage, he addresses a crowd of curious listeners in the city of Athens. His subject is a curious object he found while walking through the city: an altar dedicated to an unknown god. Paul suspects that this strange sight is evidence of how religious the folks of the city are (17.22), their efforts to seek and strive after God, even if they are not fully sure of who or where God is (17.27).

Modern Day location where Paul may have preached in Acts 17.

Ironically, Paul found himself in a similar situation before his own conversion, without any knowledge of Jesus Christ. For Paul it took a supernatural experience to come to faith in Jesus. As I read this text, my sense is that one of Paul’s great motivations for evangelism is the desire to help others see where God is moving in their lives (for the Athenians, evident by their altar made to a god they don’t even know!). What he lacked in his own spiritual journey, Paul offers to others.

The same motivation is true of us, I think. If we have experienced God moving deeply in our own lives, we have the responsibility and privilege to point to God moving in the lives of our neighbors. Or perhaps this is the experience we ourselves need; when God feels distant, we need to surround ourselves with those who can point God out to us.