Sermon Cast – Faith and Trust: Part 1

Title: Faith and Trust, Part 1
Preacher: Rev. Ryan T. Krauss

Scripture: Genesis 22:1-14
Description: Genesis 22 is a very curious piece of Scripture. The testing of Abraham is lifted up by the writer of Hebrews as one of the milestones in Abraham’s spiritual journey, a moment demonstrating model faith. But ‘faith’ when used in everyday discussion is often treated as a commodity, as a ‘thing’ someone has that helps him or her believe in a God that is invisible. This is a very simple definition of faith; I prefer to use the word ‘trust’ when I talk about faith.

Trust is perhaps one of the more significant factors demonstrated by Abraham in Genesis 22. As Hebrews 11 mentions, Abraham must come to a place where he trusts God’s power to resurrect Isaac, since it is through this son that God also promised Abraham many children and grandchildren. So it is Abraham who learns that even in situations that seem outlandish or impossible, God may be at work in us still.