Sermon Cast – Creation is Blessed; We are Blessed

Title: Creation is Blessed; We are Blessed
Preacher: Rev. Ryan Krauss

Scripture: James 5:13-18, Matthew 10:26-33
Description: The blessedness–or at least the gift–of Creation is easy to comprehend, especially living in a beautiful state like Pennsylvania. Genesis 1 emphatically reminds us that God created all things and deemed the ‘good.’ In our haste to enjoy these gifts of God, however, we overlook the stark truth that if Creation is blessed by God, then surely we are blessed by God.

Many Sparrows

The words of Jesus in Matthew 10 sound diminutive at first. If we are ‘worth more than  any sparrows,’ is Jesus being a species-ist and devaluing birds? On the contrary, I think that Jesus simply calls attention to the fact that sparrows were seen as insignificant yet still received the care and support God the Father. Therefore, if God cares for even a small bird, surely great value is placed on us who bear the very image of God.