Sermon Cast – Biblical Bullies: Getting Ahead of the Consequences

Sermon Title – Biblical Bullies: Getting Ahead of the Consequences
Preacher: Pastor Ryan T. Krauss

Scripture: Mark 6:14-29
Description: In our final Biblical Bullies sermon, we turn to Herod Antipas, the Galilean figurehead responsible for putting John the Baptist to death. All actions have consequences, and whether we are bullies or victims, every course of behavior we take will have a consequence. Herod did not want to maliciously put John to death (6.20), they may have even been friends, yet in the heat of the moment Herod made a rash decision whose consequences were both gruesome and dire. Ought we not to be keenly aware of the consequences of our own actions, especially when we realize that our treatment of others and our witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ do have eternal consequences?

“Beheaded” John the Baptist at Notre Dame Cathedral