Gail Foreman

14daa3d4e2513ee35c87a4fc1b3a1b2bAdministrative Assistant

Gail serves as an Administrative Assistant in the church office. She enjoys the challenges and rewards of this position and working behind the scenes to serve others in their roles (as we are all a part of one body and each part is needed to be a whole—1 Corinthians 12). She loves to take on new tasks and learn new skills; and she loves technology.

Family is important to Gail. She is proud to be a mom and grandmother. She’s also a big fan of WGRC and loves Christian music from the older hymns to the newer contemporary styles. She enjoys computer repair, reading, knitting, and crocheting.

Get to know Gail…

My favorite food is… Italian

My favorite animals are… Polar bears, Squirrels, and Deer

My favorite band is… The Newsboys

I love movies, and some of my favorites are… Hallmark Christmas Movies

I really don’t watch TV

I do not drink coffee… water only please.

I love Watsontown United Methodist Church because…
The people are friendly and the church is committed to outreach ministries.

My unique contribution to WUMC is…
I am one part that makes up the whole body of Christ. I view myself as a servant to others in order to help them succeed in their roles.