Every Season is a New Season

Fall has come, September 2015. Even though the warm afternoon temperatures still cling to the valley, evenings are noticeably chillier. As the weather changes, as school is now underway, as sports teams run here and there, we also celebrate the newness that this season brings to Watsontown United Methodist Church. The 2015-2016 Happy Harbor Preschool class started walking the church halls this week. On September 13th the Fall Sunday School classes kicked-off with a Rally Day to learn about being “Hands On” with the Bible. And, of course, Advent and Christmas will be here before we know it.

Fall Update #1: Blessing the Animals

On September 20th, at our normal 10:30 worship time, we are joyfully celebrating a Blessing the Animals service. Such services have a profound history in the Church thanks to St. Francis of Assisi. By recognizing and praying over animals together (usually pets), we honor the goodness of God’s creation (Genesis 1) and say thank you for the natural world that God has so wonderfully made. So, the Watsontown and surrounding communities are invited to join us on the church’s side lot under canopy cover for an outdoor service. It is recommended to bring a lawn chair. All are also invited to bring a pet, an animal, or a picture of an animal for the blessings. Please properly restrain pets for the safety of everyone who comes.

Fall Update #2: Jim Thorpe Train Ride

On October 11th, a group from Watsontown UMC will travel together to Jim Thorpe, PA for what is becoming an annual train ride fellowship. The group will depart after the first worship service (8:00AM). Please meet everyone in the parking lot so that car pool arrangements can be made. For more information on this event’s coordination, contact Veronica Irvine at virvine@ptd.net.

Fall Update #3: Trunk and Treat

On October 25th, Sunday evening, Watsontown UMC will once again open it’s doors for an annual Trunk or Treat event. Trunk and Treat is a safe, wholesome, friendly alternative to trick-or-treating. We will line the church parking lot with themed cars and trunks to hand out candy to children in costume. Inside the church, we will have refreshments, games, story telling, a mission project, and maybe even a costume parade and contest. Everyone is welcome; the doors will open at 4:00PM until 6:00PM. Tell a friend, invite a neighbor, and start planning your trunk decorations today!

Stop back soon for more updates on the happenings at the WUMC faith community.

Pastor Ryan

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