Musical Style

musicbackgroundMany of the songs led at our 8 am service are modern songs that are currently played on Christian radio stations, such as WGRC. Other songs are “throwbacks,” or more traditional songs, typically done with a modernized flare. Some enjoy clapping to the more energetic songs, and some may express their worship by lifting their hands at times. We believe that you should worship as you feel comfortable, whether that includes outward expression or not. Our Praise Team is typically composed of two or three female and one or two male vocalists, a keyboardist, two guitarists, and two drummers / percussionists, with additional musicians assisting on occasion.

At the 10:30 am service, you will find primarily traditional hymns and songs led by our Music Director and the multi-generational Worship Choir. On occasion, the Praise Team will join the Sanctuary Choir in the 10:30 service to offer a blended musical worship service – mixing traditional hymns and more modern songs of worship.