Church Conference 2-28-2016

Hello everyone,
For two Sundays (since 2/14), we have been issuing a notice that, at the conclusion of the 10:30AM worship service on February 28, Watsontown UMC will have a church conference to discuss the terms of a lease that has been drafted between our congregation and Kingdom Kidz, Inc. The lease is put forward by the Board of Trustees and has been drafted for us by Attorney Tom Boop of Sunbury.

A church conference (discussed in Paragraph 248 of the Book of Discipline) is a formal business meeting called to address matters of business related to the congregation. For a church conference, all persons who are professing members of the congregation are eligible to vote on the matter at hand. Because I have been asked, I also want to note that there is no “age requirement” when voting and participating in a church conference; any teenager who has completed confirmation and is a member of the church has equal say and vote during the proceedings as other adult members.

The following is a –> LINK <– to the proposed lease.

As pastor, I am delighted that the 3rd Street Property has been in use for the last year, and has been utilized by an organization with a mission similar to our own: to make disciples for Jesus Christ. Please come out to this week’s church conference and offer your voice to the conversation.

Pastor Ryan T. Krauss

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