Here Comes the Blueberry Fest!

Date: Saturday july 12, 2014
TIme: 9AM to 3PM
Location: 1319 8th Street Drive in Watsontown (17777)

In 24 hours, Watsontown United Methodist Church will undergo an annual one-day transformation. The festival committee has been hard at work all year coordinating food, vendors, and volunteers. In 24 hours, the world at Watsontown United Methodist Church will exude all shades of BLUE. The 4th Annual WUMC Blueberry Festival is upon us!

Each Blueberry Festival has so much to see and do! If you arrive at 9AM, the kitchens are open for the blueberriest breakfast you’ve ever had. The multipurpose room of the church will host a total of 26 vendors with all sorts of wares (from tasty goodies to duct tape apparel). For those who walk in at lunch time, this year’s main course is a pulled pork BBQ sandwich; the kitchen will also be turning out other delicious items like sausage sandwiches, blueberry buckle, and walking tacos to name a few.

Outside of the church building, eight more vendors pitch their tents. The side lot is also home to a number of family-friendly and children-oriented activities. Irish Meadows Stable will be present with a pony ride, veteran conductor Gene Farley will be pulling the barrel train, and of course the Dunk Tank will be ready to test pitching arms. Also keep an eye out for the bottle ring toss and Dr. Dale’s mini-golf extravaganza. Those who stick around later into the afternoon may also enter the blueberry eating contest!

Looking for a fun and leisurely way to spend your weekend after the craziness of the 4th of July? Look no further than the 4th Annual Blueberry Festival at Watsontown United Methodist Church. We’ll be looking for you!

Blueberry 2014 Logo


Blessing of the Animals!

Do you have friends like these?

Do you love animals? Do animals love you? Here at Watsontown United Methodist Church, we believe the Scriptural instructions to be stewards of the Earth God has gifted us and to care for all living things so far as we have the means (Genesis 2:15).

On Sunday, June 15, 2014, Watsontown UMC hosts a “Blessing of the Animals” service. The event will take place at 10:30AM (during regular worship time) weather permitting. The location for the event is the 8th Street church property on the side lot. Unless you would like to sit on a metal chair, consider bringing your own lawn chair too!

But bring more than your lawn chair. This service is all about praising God for all living things! SO…we invite you to bring your animals, your pets, your livestock, your younger siblings, any living thing that you would like to receive a blessing (even stuffed animals and pictures of your pets). A watering station will be provided for the animals in attendance, and there will be multiple blessing stations during the service to receive prayer and love for the animals. And don’t worry about the noise! We know that an event like this could get a little rambunctious because of all the furry friends; as a result we’ve shortened the service be about 1/2 hour. We do ask, though, to be considerate and bring leashes and crates/’containers’ as you would deem appropriate!

We know that this is something totally new, but spread the word! If you’ve never been or have been away from church for a while, consider joining us for this off-the-wall, pet-n-praise type celebration!

~Pastor Ryan Krauss

Blueberry Festival T-Shirts 2014

The blueberry festival is coming on July 12!

The Blueberry Committee is doing something quite exciting this year; how would you like to advertise this great community-building event with a newly minted t-shirt? Stuffed in the bulletins for the last few worship services, we have had order forms featuring the following logo:

Blueberry 2014 Logo

A set of advance orders for t-shirts are being collected for those who would like to sport one prior to the big day. Shirts are available for $10 (Youth S/M/L; Adult S/M/L/XL) and $12 (2XL/3XL). If you are interested in picking up this advance t-shirt, contact the WUMC office via phone (570-538-1017) or e-mail ( Money does not need to be turned in right away; the office just needs a count for the initial order!

“Taste and see that the Lord is Good!” (Psalm 34:8).

Tenebrae at Watsontown UMC

A Service of Darkness

New to Watsontown UMC’s repertoire of Holy Week experiences is a Good Friday Tenebrae service; this will occur at WUMC at 7:00 PM on Friday April 18, 2014. The Tenebrae is a very powerful and moving service that recalls Jesus’ betrayal, trial, suffering, and crucifixion. Below is a brief written by Carl Crawford on the significance of the service:

The service of Tenebrae, or ‘shadows,’ grew out of combination Night Prayer and early Morning Prayer with an additional focus on the commemoration of Jesus trial and death (the passion story). The latter usually was read by several deacons. The most significant feature of the service is the gradual extinguishing of the lights and candles in the room and on the altar. The bare table and unvested furnishings emphasize the starkness of the events. The candles represent the followers of Jesus, and the white candle represents Christ. The Passion narrative is read, the candles extinguished to Lenten hymns and poetry. An atmosphere of quiet and sober reflection should permeate the readings and prayers. The theme of darkness and light is one of the richest biblical symbols, and a symbol with which young and old alike can easily identify.

For a worship experience with quite a different flavor than the exuberance of Easter Morning, consider seeking a Tenebrae or Good Friday service.

~ Pastor Ryan

Ballroom Dancing @ Watsontown UMC!

Photo (c) Andrew West
Used through Creative Commons

Have you ever wanted to learn how to dance? Now you have your chance at Watsontown United Methodist Church! Instructor Tony Thomke is now offering Beginner Ballroom Dancing lessons in the multipurpose room of the church on Friday evenings from 7:00pm to 8:30pm. Couples and singles are welcome, though students must be 16 years of age or older to take the class. The classes (and the fun!) begins on Friday April 4th and will continue through July 25th, covering such dances as Foxtrot, Swing, and the Waltz.

Ballroom dancing is a great way to get daily exercise, improve balance, coordination, confidence, and social skills. The cost per session is $18 per couple, $10 for singles, and $8 for school students. Classes and cost also benefit the church’s community outreach programs. So come on out to 1319 8th Street Drive in Watsontown and learn how to get your feet going!

WHEN: Friday Evenings starting April 4th
WHERE: Watsontown UMC (1319 8th Street Drive)
TIME: 7:00 – 8:30 PM