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Reflection on WUMC’s 2015 Women’s Retreat

Retreat - Group Shot

The following is a written reflection by Camy Brungard about the WUMC Women’s Retreat that occurred in April 2015 at the Timberwind Lodge.

What a great weekend for our 2nd annual Women’s Retreat. Each person needed the weekend for different reasons, and we all embraced each other. We listened to each others’ stories. We laughed together & we cried together. I walked away feeling more connected to my WUMC sisters.

During our Bible Study we took time to ‘stop and smell the roses’ during our ‘Walk in the Garden.’ We discussed the different seasons of life our Master Gardner has each of us in. During the study, everyone did an individual prayer walk where we enjoyed the beautiful day, reflected on Scripture, answered questions, and talked privately with God. We came back together to consider the weeds in our lives and be grateful for the gifts God has given us, affirming the beauty God is growing in us.

Retreat - FoodWe were treated to a weekend of wonderful food. Snacks & appetizers, soup & sandwiches, meatloaf & macaroni and cheese, and many different breakfast ites to choose fro, plus many desserts. No one walked away hungry. THANK YOU to Carol Parker and Edna Miller for shopping, prep cooking, cooking, & cleaning up after all our meals.

What else did we do all weekend? You could find ladies taking walks, sitting on the porch enjoying fresh air, and watching for deer. Inside many games were played and sewing skills were put to the test. You could find others sitting quietly enjoying a good book or taking a much needed nap. Sunday morning we had a wonderful hymn sing before everyone headed home.Retreat - Bible Study

We hope next year to welcome many more WUMC women to join us. Mark your calendar now for April 1-3, 2016. We make sacrifices all the time for our families and work. Make this a priority for yourself next year. Join us for the weekend and leave feeling rejuvenated and loved. – Camy Brungard

Sermon Cast – Just Leavin on that Jet Plane

Title: Just Leavin on that Jet Plane
Preacher: Pastor Ryan Krauss

Scripture: Luke 24:44-53
Description: On this last Sunday of the Easter Calendar (as far as the church calendar is concerned), we turn to the Gospel of Luke for an account of Jesus’ ascension into heaven. The Ascension (from Latin meaning “to go up”) is an article of belief found in the Apostles’ Creed. For believers, however, Jesus’ return to heaven could feel like a point of abandonment. Jesus came back to life and is leaving again?!

Jesus’ followers react differently. They are overjoyed at Jesus leaving (24:52-53). For them, and for us, the ascension is a moment of empowerment; in it we are empowered to become God’s children. Of course, this empowerment comes through the Holy Spirit and becomes a reality through Jesus claiming authority as God’s messiah, sitting at God’s right hand.

Sermon Cast – Who Are Ewe Calling a Sheep?

Title: Who Are Ewe Calling a Sheep?
Preacher: Pastor Ryan Krauss

Scripture: John 10:1-10
Description: The chapter of John 10 reveals Jesus once again in discussion with some religious leaders. He uses a ‘figure of speech’ (10.6) concerning the accommodations of sheep, their propensity toward flocking to a shepherd, and the comparison between the true shepherd and a thief.

As soon as Jesus’ metaphor ends, the reader likely expects him to draw the connection between Christ and the shepherd. While Jesus does make such a reference, he does not do so until verse 11. The metaphor Jesus explains first is one of being the gate for the sheep (10.7-10). By using this more awkward contrast, Jesus declares his mission to provide both safety and nourishment (spiritually speaking) toward his flock (the Church). This, then, is the promise of Jesus to us: if we listen for Christ’s voice, we can know for certain that he is our protection and our life-giving Savior.