Cardboard Pumpkins

Halloween is occasionally criticized by the Christian community for a variety of reasons: the celebration is pagan, occult-ish connections abound, the holiday promotes unbiblical superstitions. While I’d rather defer to greater authorities on these subjects, I’ve written a concise piece on the Christian origins of Halloween in this month’s newsletter. My conclusion? Halloween is a natural and fitting Christian Holiday!
On October 26, 2014 at 4PM Watsontown United Methodist Church hosts a Trunk-or-Treat event for the Watsontown/Warrior Run area. This event is perfect for families and children uncomfortable with some of the conventions of Halloween, the lateness of official trick-or-treating, or the uncertainty of selecting neighborhoods to visit. The church parking lot on 1319 8th Street Drive will be lined with open trunks from which children may gather candy. Additionally, the multipurpose room will be open for social time, refreshments, and games. In several other room of the church, children may listen to a Halloween story or help out with this season’s mission project: Operation Christmas Child. Join us and tell your friends!

One week after Trunk-and-Treat, the youth group of WUMC, along with scouting organizations and other young people, will participate in a Box City simulation. This event will run from 4PM Saturday November 1 through 12:00PM Sunday November 2. Designed to raise awareness to poverty and hunger, these young people will craft a ‘town’ out of cardboard boxes on the church lawn and dwell in them for the evening. In conjunction with Box City, the young people will be receiving donations to support the local mission Neighbors Helping Neighbors. Community donations toward this cause will be accepted at the 8th Street Church during the hours of the event. For more information, click the newsletter link above.