Blessing of the Animals!

Do you have friends like these?

Do you love animals? Do animals love you? Here at Watsontown United Methodist Church, we believe the Scriptural instructions to be stewards of the Earth God has gifted us and to care for all living things so far as we have the means (Genesis 2:15).

On Sunday, June 15, 2014, Watsontown UMC hosts a “Blessing of the Animals” service. The event will take place at 10:30AM (during regular worship time) weather permitting. The location for the event is the 8th Street church property on the side lot. Unless you would like to sit on a metal chair, consider bringing your own lawn chair too!

But bring more than your lawn chair. This service is all about praising God for all living things! SO…we invite you to bring your animals, your pets, your livestock, your younger siblings, any living thing that you would like to receive a blessing (even stuffed animals and pictures of your pets). A watering station will be provided for the animals in attendance, and there will be multiple blessing stations during the service to receive prayer and love for the animals. And don’t worry about the noise! We know that an event like this could get a little rambunctious because of all the furry friends; as a result we’ve shortened the service be about 1/2 hour. We do ask, though, to be considerate and bring leashes and crates/’containers’ as you would deem appropriate!

We know that this is something totally new, but spread the word! If you’ve never been or have been away from church for a while, consider joining us for this off-the-wall, pet-n-praise type celebration!

~Pastor Ryan Krauss

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